Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Off the deep end

It was a moment we'll tell the grandkids about.

"Remember back in 06 when Granny Princess' knitting got the best of her?"

According to MapQuest it's just under 30 miles from home to work. This evening, DH and I got about 15 miles in when I realized I left Clapotis at the office. Discussion ensued; do we return or do we go home. We tore apart the car looking for it to no avail. I did the math today at work and calculated that I need to knit at least 18 rows each day in order to get the gold. I've knit five yesterday and today (work takes too much time away...). What's a knitter to do?

I tossed common sense to the wind, and turned the car around. If it was ordinary knitting I could have managed for a night. There's plenty of yarn at home, and I could probably use a night off. Working under a time constraint is another issue all together.

Tonight, my DH got the best Valentine's gift ever... his first acceptance letter to law school! I am so proud I could burst.


Blogger Debbie said...

"Remember back in 06 when Grannie's Princess' knitting got the best of her?"

Somehow I have a feeling it will be like... Remember how every year Grannie's Princess entered the Olympics and won medals....

I hope they send you a ribbon or certificate to hang :-D

Best of luck.

Also congrats to your DH!


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