Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow and Olympics

Is there any better way to spend a weekend? I feel like I've been working on the Clap all weekend. The snow storm yesterday/last night really helped me focus. Here's the latest, I'm up to row 8 of repeat number 4 of section 2. I think I may actually be able to do this. The purl rows are tough (100 stitches straight all purl!), but the knit rows flow nicely. Can't wait to begin section 3!

We got about 8 inches of snow last night. In this area, it's enough to paralyze everything. The streets look pretty clear, but they are already announcing school closings for tomorrow. I could really use a snow day for so many reasons... Clapotis being one of them. Here's another pic of the snow on our balcony.


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