Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Pre-Game Jitters

I like to think I've been keeping my cool with the whole Knitting Olympics (probably DH would disagree, as it's been all I can talk about since the Harlot invented it). I put a lot of effort into selecting a challenging enough (but not too challenging) pattern, gathering materials, even reading the whole pattern through to avoid any surprises. But now I'm wondering if this is enough.

I wasn't planning on swatching; I have a bad habit of not doing it, and I figured that with Clapotis I'd have to get too far into the pattern. Now I'm having second thoughts. With only 16 days I don't have time for mistakes or confusion. Other bloggers have written about physical preparations and time trials to see how fast they can knit. Am I the only one taking this (relatively) lightly?

Well... here I go swatch... wish me luck. Let the games (almost) begin.


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